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Impact to Income with Jaime Rowe

August 05, 2021 Melanie Herschorn Episode 46
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Impact to Income with Jaime Rowe
Show Notes

Sales doesn’t have to be tricky or feel uncomfortable at all. That’s why episode 46 of the VIP Access Podcast is about Impact to Income with Jaime Rowe.

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In this episode of the VIP Access Podcast, Jaime Rowe, creator of Impact to Income, shares how she took her business from $0 to $1 Million in 26 months and how she coaches other women entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.

Some points Jamie and I discuss in this episode include:

  • The importance of mindset
  • The impact of service in sales
  • How we turn down our inner critic
  • The Impact to Income community

It’s time for you to confidently close more sales.

Thank you for listening!

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