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The Importance of Publicity with Lisa Simone Richards

July 22, 2021 Melanie Herschorn Episode 44
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The Importance of Publicity with Lisa Simone Richards
Show Notes

Want to boost your brand's credibility in an amazing way? You need to start getting publicity! That’s why episode 44 of the VIP Access Podcast is about the Importance of Publicity with Lisa Simone Richards.

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In this episode of the VIP Access Podcast, I am joined by Lisa Simone Richards, owner and founder of Lisa Simone Richards. Lisa shares the importance and the impact that publicity can have on your brand.

Some points Lisa and I go over in this episode include:

  • How to build your credibility online
  • Why media/press releases can be beneficial
  • The average time it takes to go from pitch to publicity
  • Action steps for getting started with your own publicity

Working with a publicist like Lisa or doing your own PR can take your business to new heights thanks to incredible reach.

Thank you for listening!

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